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TGI Fridays

Restaurant in Memphis   Bar in Memphis  

Moderately Priced Restaurant and Bar based at 7733 Winchester Road, Memphis, TN 38125

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Price level Moderately Priced
Address 7733 Winchester Road, Memphis, TN 38125
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Phone number +1 901-752-1369

Opening hours Closed now.


Reviews about TGI Fridays

  • 1 / 5
    By Khrissaundra Knox
    Went to the restaurant yesterday. My husband and I stood up front waiting to be seated for 10 minutes. No one greeted us, no one came up to the front the whole time we waited. I saw one waitress working that passed by us several times. She did not acknowledge us at all. Once we were finally seated, the waitress was very rude. The place was empty. It took her forever to bring drinks and refills. And when I finally got my food, there was hair in it. Horrible experience, horrible service and horrible food.
    April 08, 2017
  • 1 / 5
    By Jeorjeanne Clariette
    I love TGI but this has to be the WORST customer service ever at this location! It took 45 mins for us to just get some Water! Our waitress kept disappearing. Then had the never to tell us she had an attitude and was mad at the kitchen. When she finally took our order it took for ever to come out. The staff there look like they do whatever they want! They had on jeans, hair everywhere, kitchen employees walking out eating, everybody just standing around like its a club etc... Our waitress TOLD US she was about to disappear so if we wanted something we better ask her now. My son asked for ketchup and the lady came back with it and beat on the table with it as in to tell us to hurry up. The manager is just as bad he just walks around like he's busy then when we asked to speak with him he was looking lost and confused as if he doesn't see any of this going on. This used to be one of my favorite spots but it has gone to hell!!! And no one there gives a care in the world!
    February 19, 2017
  • 1 / 5
    By Brittany Bowers
    The service was absolutely terrible. I understand it's Christmas Day and you were short staffed but you can at least afford some common decency. After waiting nearly an hour past opening because they couldn't even open they were short staffed we were seated and given our drinks and our orders were taken. Everything was good. However after that we waited an HOUR for our appetizers to show up and when they did a different lady showed up and just threw them on the table and then left, not even bothering to give us silverware, napkins or even see if we needed another drink. Our appetizers were completely wrong and we couldn't even find another person to flag down to tell them. After 30 min and no sign of the waitress we were pretty hungry so we ate them anyways and then she came with our food, which was again wrong and completely cold. Then after another long wait we finally managed to flag another waiter down to get our check to which we waited another 20 min to get. By the end of the day we were there almost 3 hours not including the hour wait trying to get even in the door. Our original waitress then came back and proceeds to apologize by saying that she completely forgot about us and handed us a free dessert for our trouble. Never again will I ever go to this restaurant. I have never in my life not tipped, even if I received bad service, but I didn't tip this lady.
    September 23, 2016
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Menu of Restaurant and Bar TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a moderately priced restaurant and bar based in Memphis, Tennessee. To learn the menu, call the phone number indicated on the website.

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