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Exlines' Best Pizza in Town - Whitehaven

Restaurant in Memphis  

Restaurant based at 3375 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38116

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Address 3375 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38116
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Phone number +1 901-396-1339

Opening hours Closed now. Today: 11:00 am — 11:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 pm — 11:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am — 11:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am — 11:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am — 11:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am — 11:00 pm


Reviews about Exlines' Best Pizza in Town - Whitehaven

  • 1 / 5
    By Ebony Goddess
    The customer service at this location SUCKS!!!! I called to place an order, and was immediately placed on hold. There was no greeting nor the courtesy of asking if I would hold. After about 3 minutes of holding a young lady asked what I would like to order. Once again, there was no "thank you for holding" or "sorry about the hold". I told her what I wanted, and she then hung up after taking my name and number, but not giving me my total. I called back to get my total, and the same young lady said," your total is uhhhh" then pressed the hold button. She returned after about 2-3 minutes of holding, gave me my total, then hung up. I really wanted to call or visit and have words with her, but I did not want anything done to my food. This was my first time ordering from this location and may not ever order from them again. The location that i used to frequent was shut down, so I gave them a try. Even after reading the reviews, I still gave then a try. My husband was the one to pick up the food being the location was close to his job. He made it home with the food, and my order was only half right. I called back and was hung up on 4 times while letting them know my order was only half right. The fifth time I called, I again was placed on hold as if they had caller id and recognized my number. So, I was eventually connected with the manager on duty and he suggested I just return the next day to have a new item made since I couldn't return the food that night. I called in the order the next day, went to pick it up, and stood there holding my (heavy)baby in my arms being unacknowledged by a lady standing at the counter on the phone talking about selling puppies. She was talking about how she could get more for them because it was tax season and blah blah blah. It took one of the cooks to acknowledge me and call someone else to check me out. I was really upset but held my composure because I had my baby with me. I will do everything I can to never spend a penny in that place.
    May 12, 2017
  • 1 / 5
    By Joaquina Johnson
    It was as burnt and all the toppings keep sliding off my Man said change the name to Tombstone cuz he could have got better pizza from Kroger's lol Nasty never again first and last time there
    April 06, 2017
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Exlines' Best Pizza in Town - Whitehaven is a restaurant based in Memphis, Tennessee. To learn the menu, call the phone number indicated on the website.

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